The spring season of 2012 is getting closer to the end. But when look back to this it, can you still remember which nail polish design is your favorite? Just see what our manicurists are unveiling for us on the top 10 light nail polish designs for spring 2012.
No.1 the lightly gloomy violet: like a beautiful princess just waking up from a cold winter and slowly coming into our eyes.

No.2 A little red in white: would it remind you the peach blossom?

No.3 More colors is getting into the spring

No.4 Flowers are blosoming

No.5 A colorful spring season is here

No.6 Decent luxury spring

No.7 All lovely styles in 10

No.8 A lively style for all cute spring girls

No.9 Spring’s strawberry

No.10 A colorful spring is getting closed but a mature early summer is waiting