As for gelish color, a UV lamp is a must in nail curing process. However, there is still another nail lamp-- LED nail lamp, which is now continuously attracting customers’ attention on nail beauty market these days. LED nail lamp is still new to the nail industry even though LED technology has been around since the mid 1960’s and is used in indicator lamps in cars and even airplanes.

Can a LED nail lamp cure any artificial nail product? Would LED lamp finally replace UV lamp? Do I need a LED lamp for special gel nail color? What are the differences between a LED lamp and UV lamp? What to choose when I want to curing my nails by myself? This article is going to find out all the answers to the questions above!

What is LED lamp for nail industry? Can it cure any artificial nail product?

LED is not a type of light -- it's a type of light bulb. LED stands for "light emitting diode". This type of light bulb was developed back in the 1960s and is now being widely used for many purposes. LED bulbs can be customized to glow brightly in a wide variety of colors, including red, green, yellow, blue, and violet. Some types emit infrared light, while those used in the nail industry emit light in the UV-A region.


There are many different types of LED nail lamps and most produce different wavelengths of light as well as different intensities of each wavelength. It is a myth that LED lamps can be used with any artificial nail product. The facts are they should only be used with the products that were specifically designed for use with that type of LED nail lamp. It is very important to understand that these lamps are NOT interchangeable between systems and using the incorrect LED nail lamp can lead to service breakdown and may even harm client's nails.

What are the differences between a LED lamp and UV lamp?

From the structures, LED nail lamps has different UV-A energy output and wavelength, which can active the chemicals in the gel polish and produce heat to dry the gels. Therefore, to achieve the best product performance, it's important to use the correct lamp, which is the lamp recommended by the manufacturer of the artificial nail enhancement product or other nail coatings. If you're in doubt, contact the product manufacturer for more information before proceeding on your own.

The benefits of a LED lamp over a UV lamp

  • You decrease your cure time by almost 75%. The faster you can cure nails the more clients you can service which mean more money for you.
  • You don’t have to replace the LED light bulbs. They are guaranteed to provide you with at least 50,000 hours of usage.
  • The lamp is made out of metal which gives you durability and a product that is build to last.
  • To decrease hurts. A led lamp hurts less compared with a UV lamp.

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