A gel manicure is a type of manicure that uses gel to bind the synthetic fingernails to the natural nails. Unlik acrylic nails, the other option for manicures,gel nails are stronger and less likely to chip. Gel can also be applied over natural nails to keep them healthy and long.


A gel manicure is often preferred over an acrylic one because gel nails are odorless. Gel nails do not consist of the same acid that acrylic nails do; they are healthier and more natural. Additionally, a gel manicure tends to look more realistic, as the gel nails are more flexible and bond naturally to the real nail. Gel nails do not need lift, polish or backfills. These fingernails stay shiny and last longer than acrylic nails.


During a gel manicure, the gel is applied to the nail and cured under an UV or LED light (go to USpicy UV lamp products) . The gel is durable and adheres easily to fingernails. Gel nails are removed only by filing them off. When these nails come off, the real nails are not damaged like when acrylic nails are taken off. The downside of a gel manicure is that it costs more than an acrylic manicure.


Natural nails continue to grow under the gel, and a gel manicure can improve the health of natural nails. The gel acts as a shield against anything that might weaken or damage them, such as moisture or other elements. After this type of manicure, natural nails are stronger and more durable, as long as they were filed and maintained properly before the manicure.


Some people who get a French manicure choose to get a filling between the gel nail and the growth of the natural nail after some time. The manicurist reapplies the gel where it has grown out, near the cuticle. Depending on a person’s lifestyle and length of nails, a gel manicure can last for up to a month. They should be filled and maintained professionally.


Gel nails are typically clear-colored, which allows the natural color of the fingernail underneath to shine through. The nails should remain this color as long as the manicure lasts, but tanning beds can cause a slight yellowing. The gel itself is usually a soft white color, enhancing the dull or faded white of fingernails’ tips. During a filling, the gel color is removed and repainted so that it will look brighter and last longer.


Gel manicure makes the natural nails stronger and more durable. With our wonderful nail lamps, just enjoy your gel manicure time!