After preparation for more than a year, USpicy nail dryer team is now releasing the newest LED nail dryer this month which is totally a powerful nail lamp machine for this season. Let’s unveil its inside first.
This LED nail lamp is greatly improved in its performance with the ingenious LED design technique. Consisting of more than 100 small LED bulbs, this new LED nail product have raised the voltage up to 18Watt, cutting quite amount of curing time to as less as 10s for a gel nail coat at least, which can greatly decrease the exposing time of your skin in the UV light.
Let’s see the detailed pictures.


Fashion and lovely design.

 LED nai dryer

Perfectly fit your both hands

There is most powerful function users would like in this nail dryer, which is the automatic count down function. This nail lamp machine can automatically start to count down by only putting your hands into the lamp without pressing the “Start” button again, decreasing the opportunity of damaging the new coat on your nail.
This nail lamp gives 3 options to select the curing times, 30s,60s and 90s. However, we suggest using the 30s for each coat first, which is enough after brushing the top coat when you are using the gelish products.

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USpicy CRESCENT USND-1802 LED Nail Polish Dryer / Lamp / Light for Curing Gelish & LED Gels (Peach) and

USpicy CRESCENT USND-1801 LED Nail Polish Dryer / Lamp / Light for Curing Gelish & LED Gels (White)