Many nail girls even the nail beauty professions have the same feeling that it is really a trouble to remove a uv gel top coat. To do this easily and correctly, here are giving a detailed way to remove the UV gel top coat!

First you have to make it clear that what UV gel top coat you are using. There are generally three different gel products that are considered top coats: UV-cured sealing gel with a sticky residue, UV-cured sealing gel with no sticky residue, and UV-cured top coat.

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Sometimes UV-cured sealing gels with sticky residue can be soaked off like an acrylic with acetone, but not all can. Some need to be filed off.

UV-cured sealing gels with no sticky residue usually cannot be soaked off and must be filed off, but there is at least one type I know of that will soak off.

UV-cured top coats are technically not gels but they have some of the same properties. They are used over polish — like a traditional top coat — but cure very quickly when exposed to UV light. They can also be removed with any nail polish remover or acetone.

An easy solution is to use an e-file with a coarse sanding band. Since gel is easy to file, it usually takes less time to file off than to soak. And when you get close to the natural nail, just switch to a block buffer or a fine grit file.

Just follow the rule above to do the removing work, it will save your time and decrease the hurt to your nails.

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