As we all know, most gels cure well in wavelengths of 340 to 410 nanometers. However, we get little knowledge about how UV light works for curing our nails, why we need UV light for gel nails and how to get a better gel result by curing correctly. This article is going to find out a clear answer for all the questions above.

What affect the curing effect of a UV lamp?
Within a given wavelength of UV light, there is a variance of UV light intensity. The intensity relies upon the wattage of the bulb (i.e., from 9 watts to 36 watts, there will be an increase in intensity just as there’s a difference between a 25-watt bulb and a 75-watt bulb) and the number of bulbs in the lamp. The more bulbs a lamp has, the more UV intensity the lamp will emit.
The third and final aspect of a lamp’s ability to cure a gel is how far the bulbs are from the fingernails. The farther the bulbs are away from the gel, the slower the gel will cure. If the bulbs are too far away, the gel may not even cure at all.

Why UV lamp is 100% necessary for gel nails?
It is all attributed to the photoinitiators that added into the gels. The photoinitiators react when exposed to various wavelengths of UV light. Most photoinitiators react upon exposure to 340-410nm of lights. Therefore, nail lamps emits lights in 340-410 can get the nail polishes cured and get them dry.
When the photoinitiator is exposed to the proper UV light wavelength and intensity, it gives off a particle called a free radical. The free radical will initiate a polymerization reaction with the resins in the gel system. This polymerization reaction gives off heat (the burning sensation). This is called an exothermic reaction. So, that is Why UV lamp is 100% necessary for gel nails!

Just image that your gel nails need a reaction environment like a baby needs mother’hug before growing up!
However, for your health, there is a best method to slow down the exothermic reaction, which is to keep the fingernails farther from the lamp to begin the curing cycle; usually just in front of the lamp is sufficient.

How to get a better gel result by curing correctly
When nail technicians use UV light to cure gel products, it is important to remember that the nail manufacturer knows what UV light intensity is required to cure the gel. So, if a gel manufacturer says that its gel requires two 9-watt bulbs to cure the gel, this will be sufficient. However, if a manufacturer has determined that its gel cures best in a 36-watt lamp that contains four bulbs, do not attempt to cure the gel in a 9-watt lamp.The gel will become a solid plastic, but the resulting plastic will not be as hard or as durable as it would be if cured in the 9-watt lamp. This information is important because the nail technician should know that all UV lamps are not equal and will not perform the same. It is also important to realize that not all UV bulbs are the same and it is advisable to buy the best bulb for your gel.


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