Gel nail polish is longer lasting than regular nail polish, it’s more durable than regular polish and easier on the nails than acrylic. Moreover, if you have the right supplies and equipment you can apply gel polish at home and save yourself a ton of money at the nail salon. Once you try gel polish, you would quickly fall in love with it because it would keep polish on your nails without chipping for almost 2-3 weeks.

For about $100, you can buy a set of gel nail necessary products including: gel nail polish, UV nail lamp, soak bowl, Gelish nail colors and Gelish nail colors and a nail brush kit(Gelish is a brand most people like, but you can use any of the shellac/gel/UV curved nail polish brands out there).

For the starter, here is the step here’s step-by-step instructions on how to apply the polish for a french manicure.

Step 1:  Shape nails with nail file

Step 2:  Clean nails with the Nail Surface Cleanser  You do not need to buff or “rough up” your nails to get the gel to stick!  Just put the cleanser on a cotton ball and rub on nail.

Step 3:  Apply Ph bond to entire nail. Don’t worry when this evaporates quickly. It’s just rubbing alcohol.

Step 4:  Apply Foundation> to nail. This tends to be a little thick, so make sure you apply evenly.

Step 5:  Cure Foundation under UV light for 2 minutes.

Step 6:  Apply White Polish to tips of nails. Dip nail brush in nail polish remover and then swipe along nail line to clean up line from nail bed to nail growth. (If you were not doing a French manicure and just painting a solid color, this is where you’d paint the solid color.  If it’s a dark color, it needs to cure for 3 minutes!)

Step 7:  Cure White Tips under UV light for 2 minutes.

Step 8:  Apply Light Pink Polish to entire nail.

Step 9:  Cure Light Pink Polishunder UV light for 2 minutes. (You can do two coats of light pink, but I prefer just one as two coats seem a little thick to me.)

Step 10:  Apply Top coat to nail.

Step 11:  Cure Top coat under UV light for 3 minutes.

Step 12:  Using Cotton Ball, clean nail with Nail Surface Cleanser.

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