The gel nail surface is made up of a combination of monomer liquid and polymer powder. Once cured, a hard resin surface is formed that can then be filed, painted, shaped or airbrushed. Some standard upkeep is required for gel nails that may include frequent painting or repair. However, it is possible to save yourself a trip to the nail salon by learning how to remove gel nails at home. Here are simple steps to remove your gel nails by yourself at home.

Gather the necessary materials and select a well ventilated working area.
The combination of nail polish remover and a place of well ventilated conditions to avoid unpleasant fumes produced by gel nails.

Remove all existing nail polish, including clear coat, with acetate nail polish remover.

  • Apply the nail polish remover with a cotton ball or tissue.
  • Rub the nail surface firmly until all traces of polish have been wiped clean.

Soak your nails in a small bowl of acetate nail polish remover for 5-to-10 minutes.

nail bowl

Check the nail surface for readiness by confirming the smell and texture of the gel nails.
An unpleasant odor will be emitted from the bowl as the gel nail components react with, and are broken down by, the nail polish remover. Also, the gel nail will become pliable and sticky over time indicating that it is ready for removal.

Pull the gel nails gently to remove.
Work from the outer edge toward the center, one nail at a time. Do not force the removal of stubborn nails as you may injure your natural nail or nail bed. You may need to resoak the stubborn gel nail until it becomes more pliable and ready for removal.

Rub nail polish remover onto your natural nails to remove any excess stickiness.

gel nail remover

Buff your natural nails to remove any rough patches, edges or uneven ridges.

  • Your natural nails will be fragile and sensitive to liquids and/or cleaning products once the gel nails are removed, so wear protective gloves for several weeks.
  • Instead of soaking your gel nails, you may prepare them for removal by applying a generous amount of acetate nail polish remover and wrapping them in aluminum foil for 10-to-15 minutes.

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