As one of the best nail dryer sellers in Amazon, USpicy team is always dedicated to provide our customers the best and affordable price product and service. For helping our nail manicure to get high nail polishing results, we are now giving out the referenced time for drying a UV light after testing.

Normal application is base coat and cure (2-3mins), color one and cure (2-3mins), color two and cure (2-3mins), top coat and cure (2-3mins) then wipe sticky layer off with alcohol. Moreover, The base coat will not harden, it will stay tacky. Go ahead and do the second two coats- each for the prescribed times. Then use the alcohol with a lint free wipe, it will take the tacky layer off and you will be good to go.

UV nail dryer

In our nail polishing test, we are finding that longer time drying might get the nail art stronger and brighter.