1. What watt should I need for a UV Gel Lamp?

The question is: The problem I often have is the nail gel is not drying fast enough, so i was wonder what watt UV gel lamp should I use for drying nail polish faster?
For this question, we have done a market analysis based on the feedbacks of customers; we can conclude that a 36 watt UV gel lamp is quite enough for a fast drying effect. So that a 36 watt UV gel lamp is highly recommended when choosing a UV gel lamp!.

2. why does a uv light for gel nail polish sometimes burn?

It is because the nail gel consists of a chemical substance called photoinitiator. When the photoinitiator is exposed to the proper UV light wavelength and intensity, it gives off a particle called a free radical. The free radical will initiate a polymerization reaction with the resins in the gel system. This polymerization reaction gives off heat, the burning sensation. Normally, this is not a big problem, but to prevent the sensation you can just stop curing for a while and continue curing.
See more about how a UV gel lamp works, click: http://www.uspicy.com/information/How-UV-Light-Works-for-Curing-Gel-Nails/.

3. Will a uv top coat still dry by air?

If on a nail gel bottle, it says should be cured by UV light but in fact it can be dried by air, does it means that it is not a UV Top Coat? For this concern, sometimes those UV Top Coats will dry by air or even by very little light (like the light at your work station), but if it does not require filing to come off…..it is not a true uv Top Coat.