Gel Nail is an easy way to get a chip free manicure for 2 or 3 weeks (depending what you get up to; drunken nights out don't always finish with all 10 nails intact)
Just follow the steps below to apply the gel to achieve a strong, long lasting manicure.


Step 1 : Buff the nails
This takes the shine away from your nails making the surface a bit rougher allowing the gel to stick properly.
Step 2 : Push the cuticles back
Make sure that the gel doesn't go on the cuticle or on the skin. If the gel touches your skin, it might hurt and generate a slight burning sensation. Pushing back the cuticle helps to make the application easier but you still have to be careful along the edges of your nails.

french manicure
Step 3: Apply the gel in a thin layer
Don't add too much gel to the brush, it just needs a thin layer in light strokes. When doing a French manicure, it is recommended doing the pink layer on all 10 nails first.

Step 4: Set the gel under the UV lamp
It is better to do it twice which is about 90seconds. When the nail comes out, it will still be wet so it's important not to touch it to check if it's cured.

Step 5: Remove excess gel
Use the cleanser to remove excess gel. The nail should feel slightly harder now and not so sticky and wet.

Step 6: Neaten up the nails
Repeat steps Three to Five again to neaten up the nails. I do this in case the nail isn't smooth or some are thicker than others. This is also important to ensure the colour on each nail is even and the same. During a French manicure I repeat steps Three to Five using the white gel along the tips.

Step 7: Apply the gel UV top coat
Apply the gel UV top coat and set under lamp. After 90 seconds under the lamp, just wipe each nail with the cleanser. 



*Do not leave the gel container open near the UV lamp. The lamp can set the gel in the container from a distance.
Don't look straight at the UV light - it's bad for your eyes!
Remember to clean the brush using the cleanser to remove the gel and so that it doesn't set and harden.
UV lamp can be used to dry regular nail polish quicker.